Adrienne's Ceramic Expressions have smooth, flowing and graceful lines highlighted by the use of a wide range of colors.  Functional pottery, like mugs and bowls, feels good in the hand because of balanced proportions and weight.  These pieces become the favorite of my customers.  Each piece is finished to protect your tabletop while adding interest to your home.  Eye-catching finishes, textures, and playful shapes invite touch.

        Functional pottery is made from stoneware clay and lead free glazes using an electric kiln.  Decorative pieces are made using Raku technique which is derived from 16th century Korean potters (under Japanese rule).  Pieces are created using a potters wheel; a slab roller, which ensures uniform thickness of the clay; an extruder for creating unusual or geometric shapes; or by hand sculpting.

       Table ware (mugs, bowls, plates) is food, microwave and dishwasher safe.   Decorative Raku pieces are are not water tight or food safe.  Because each piece is hand made by me, multiples of a cup, for example, are similar but not identical.  If you desire duplicates, please contact me.  I will custom make your order.

       All payments are processed through this on line store.  I will ship your order as soon as possible.  Each shipment is packed with care to ensure intact delivery.  If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact me.  I will rectify the situation or refund your money (aceramicexpressions@charter.net ).  If you love your order, please tell me that, too!